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I started selling face coverings online via Facebook and word of mouth in late March of 2020 when a pandemic, COVID -19 swept the world.


By May 2020, I sold over 1000 hand made face coverings. I expanded my offerings by adding unique whimsical styles such as bow ties, headbands, surgical caps, carrying case, and face shields. Then I took it a step further by creating unique custom designs and brand logos. 


Now, "KH Boutique" is an online boutique with handcrafted decor products from face coverings to brand logo face coverings to custom tees and hats to custom drapes and pillows, and even event decor.


My business doesn’t feel like work to me. It has emerged out of an overflow of who I am. It's still expanding. I create custom handcrafted whimsical home decor sewing and crafting products. I work from home and have lots of fun! I have a thriving women-owned business.


I’m touching people and helping my clients make a bold statement with their custom-designed face coverings – giving them a creative way to show others they care. 


Who am I? I am Boss Karen Harcum, owner of KH Boutique. 


100% Cotton





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3430 Philadelphia Pike, #704 Claymont, DE 19703

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